SIA Biogran was established in May 2009.

The principal business activity of the company is production of

ecologically clean fuel.

At present, premium quality wood sawdust pellets of 6 mm and 8 mm in diameter are produced. The pellets are produced of barked spruce and pine sawdust without an admixture of bark, and after that they are packaged in 15 kg and 20 kg bags as well as in Big Bags (+/- 1 t).

The advantage of SIA Biogran is the opportunity to offer packaging the product in bags of different size and weight provided with by customers and according to their preferences in regard to weight to load bags of pellets on pallets.

For making the product, quality raw materials from Latvian woodworking companies are bought.

The product is sold in Latvian market as well as exported to Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, France, Belgium, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

SIA Biogran is always open to new cooperation partners.